About This Blog (& The Author)

Science Communication Coursework: About

My target audience consists of science students from GCSE-level upwards – the tone of my writing and the familiar layout of text interspersed with GIFs (similar to the social media communication that my target audience uses themselves) has been selected to show that. However, obviously anyone interested in this kind of science should be able to read and understand it too if they wanted.

I chose to focus on explaining the science behind some of the dangers facing humanity as it’s something I find really interesting, and it’s also something I already know quite a bit about. Having taken virology, immunology and BCM, I already have a good baseline knowledge to explain to readers the biology behind radiation sickness, antimicrobial resistance and influenza antigenic drift.

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My name is Anna, and I’m a final year biologist at Imperial College London. This blog is a space where I write about the science that interests me – namely the science behind some of most dangerous things we can encounter as humans on planet Earth.

My main scientific interests are centered around both neuroscience and the study of the immune system, so I’ve found writing this blog to be a great way of exploring other aspects of science.

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Happy reading!